Black Widow

"Black Widow". Oil on canvas, sized 18 in x 24 in. Still life observation, time to complete: 6 hours.

About the Project

This piece is an oil painting, sized 18x24 inches, and is a still-life that tells a story.

I started with a series of objects that were conventionally "beautiful and feminine" such as pearls, red lipstick, flowers, ribbon, and then added a knife.

The knife and the fallen/wilted flowers change the mood of the still life to something a bit darker, and prompts the viewer to think what the painting may mean.

I used a red satin background to match the painting's femme fatale mood because red is a jarring color and it also contrasts with the blue handle of the knife. The red background makes both the knife and the pearls stand out, as well as compliments the yellow of the flowers.

Additionally, the knife edge is nearly the same color as the pearls and the white ribbon, showing a relationship and similarity between the items.