"What Type of Cat is That?" Illustrated Cat Guidebook

I used graphic design and illustration techniques to create a set of cat pictograms for use in zoos, children's books, or merchandise.

About the Project

As an exchange student in Madrid, Spain, one of the tasks in my Spanish digital illustration class was to design a set of pictograms.

As a cat lover myself, I decided to make my pictogram theme a collection of cats large and small, focusing on their facial features.

To make the pictogram set, I created all off of one black and white 'base cat' and then drew their spots, changed their face shape, or changed their color based on a real image of the cat.

The title of the book is “What type of cat is that?” and the purpose of these pictograms is for the user to be able to identify these cats at a sanctuary, in the wild, or at a zoo.

I based the book's analogous, neutral color scheme on the colors of the cat illustrations.