In Heavy Syrup

The Evolution of Food Part 3. This drawing is part 3 of a 3-part series comparing processed and natural foods. Oil pastel, sized 11 in x 17 in.

About the Project

This work is an oil pastel piece, sized 11x17 inches, and the third installment of a three-part series about the commercialization of food.

Here you can see how the canned, processed cherries coated in heavy corn syrup are in the foreground while the natural, unprocessed cherries are more towards the back.

This series tries to draw attention to consumer preference towards processed foods because they're easier, cheaper, last longer, whatever the reason may be.

Special attention was given to making the cherries on the can 'in heavy syrup' look a dull, muted purple color. In contrast, the cherries in the bag are more red, brighter and vibrant.

This piece was named "In Heavy Syrup" instead of "Cherries and Canned Cherries" or something similar because I felt the text on the can was the most poignant part of the piece. It makes you think about what you're putting in your body (heavy syrup) when choosing a processed cherry over a fresh cherry, and the contrast between the two.

See the entire series below.