Frans Creation Logo

Creating a jewelry business's logo that represents luxury, beauty, and class.

About the Project

Frans Creation is a women’s startup business specializing in luxury jewelry pieces. The first thing the business owner wanted to do was focus on her new business's branding.

For this logo, I wanted it to look timeless, expensive, and luxurious.

I started with the text first, choosing a serif font like many classic luxury jewelry logos. I extended the kerning of the letters, because greater spacing between letters generally gives a more high-class feel. I knew I achieved my design goal when I asked people who just looked at the text "What do you think this logo is for?" and they answered "A jewelry company?".

Additionally, the client wanted something beautiful and feminine to symbolize her brand, so the brand's symbol is an elegant geometric version of a peony. The client also gave me a pink color palette to choose from, which is where the soft rose color comes from.