HHH Residence Hall Logo

I created a bold, compact logo for the Ithaca College Residence Hall Cluster, named HHH (Triple H) because the names of the three buildings are Hilliard, Holmes, and Hood.

About the Project

Ithaca College has 12 freshman residence halls separated into four building ‘clusters’ with three buildings in each cluster. I created this logo when I was a Resident's Assistant for the Hilliard, Holmes, Hood (HHH, or Triple H) Residence Building Cluster.

Here, I wanted to create a different HHH logo that was compact and effectively made use of the space. Previous versions of the logo connected the H's in a way that didn't use the space as efficiently and among different sketches; this design was the strongest because it effectively used the middle negative space as an H.

The color scheme is navy blue, yellow, and white, as a nod to Ithaca College's official colors.

The font is a bold sans-serif because that type of font offered the most uniform negative space.

This logo was used for HHH Residential Life events as well as promotional items.

Practical Applications

View more examples of HHH branding.