Ithaca College IT Internal Employee Picnic Poster

Ithaca College Information Technology's internal employee end-of-the-year promotional picnic poster.


About the Project

One of my responsibilities as the Ithaca College Information Technology (IT) Digital Media Specialist Student Manager was to create posters for internal events. This poster was created for an end-of-the-year celebration picnic.

For this piece, I created all icons and illustrations in Adobe Illustrator.

I used a sky blue gradient as my background because it represents a blue sky on a sunny day, which hopefully would happen the day of the picnic.

Additionally, by the time the picnic took place it would be well into spring and nearly summer so I used a summery, bright, complementary color palette with sky blues, light tans, and pale yellows.

I arranged the food in a rectangle because I was inspired by the rectangular shape of picnic table and I thought it made everything look very neat.

For the food itself, I looked up pictures of hamburgers and salads, working with gradients to give each salad leaf, potato chip, chocolate chip or hamburger bun more depth and color.

I used this font because it was a playful but not overly-styled title font. Though using this font for full sentences or paragraphs would be hard to read, this poster doesn't have a lot of text so I felt it wasn't was an issue.

In conclusion, through this piece's color palette, font, and food detail, it effectively promoted and represented a happy picnic on a beautiful sunny day.