NEOS Consulting Banner Ad for LOMA Insurance website

I created a simple eye-catching banner ad for NEOS Insurance Consulting to be featured on an external organization's website.

About the Project

NEOS LLC is an insurance and business consulting firm; they had an ad space on the life and health insurance organization, LOMA's, website because NEOS was an affiliate member. I was assigned to creating this ad as my focus was working on their marketing initiatives. For this banner ad, I focused on branding, simplicity, and call-to-action.

Following NEOS' branding, I made the background of this ad their signature blue with a subtle gradient to give some depth.

I then decided to make the "Find out how" call-to-action button their accent orange color, along with the line between the headline and the text.

Here you can see the design choices were made to demonstrate a clear hierarchy between sections differentiated by text size, weight, color, and spacing, which came together to create a simple yet effective actionable web banner.