NEOS LLC Rack Card Direct Mailer

A promotional rack card for use in a direct mailing campaign that correlated to a 16.2% active engagement rate; 10% over average.

About the Project

While at NEOS LLC insurance consulting I designed a rack card using company brand elements for a promotional, personalized direct mailing campaign.

The leaning white card is the front of the rack card mailer, and the blue card on the stack was the back.

One of NEOS LLC's signature brand elements was the lock, so I wanted to make that a main element of the mailer's front. Additionally, on the back of the card there was an easily scannable QR code which we (the marketing team) used to track which mailer recipients visited the website.

This promotional mailing piece accompanied personalized, hand-signed letters in envelopes that I addressed to key leaders of the industry. The rate of engagement was 16.2%, meaning that 16.2% of mailing recipients visited the QR-code resource page indicated in this mailer, 10% above previous NEOS mailer averages.