Renewergy Pop Up Brochure

A unique take on a classic marketing material for a fictional renewable energy company.

About the Project

For my college capstone course, I worked in a small group on a fictional renewable energy company called Renewergy, created by my professor for the purpose of the thesis business simulation.

Shown is a brochure I made for the company’s ‘trade show’. This 4-panel brochure informs viewers about Renewergy’s two main products: solar and wind energy. It uses an eye-catching 3-D design that draws attention and is distinct from competitors.

I used Adobe InDesign to make the brochure, digitally measuring where the cuts needed to be, and then printed it double-sided on regular paper.

Additionally, I created the company website. To make sure the class's fictional company doesn't get confused with a real company, the website is password protected, the username is user and the password is pass.

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