Saving Face Logo Design

Creating a gender-neutral logo for a nonprofit that works with people who have faced or been a victim of negative plastic surgery experiences.


Saving Face is an initiative by Face2Face Healing to help people who have suffered from negative experiences with plastic surgery.

For this logo, I wanted to use the negative space in the organization's name to show different faces as a nod to the name of the organization.

The color scheme is teal and black because they're soft, gender-neutral colors, and the audience of this initiative is not supposed to be only women; it can be men too.

In this logo, the first person in the S is looking down over their shoulder with a soft expression. Then, there is a second person in the F of Saving Face looking towards the first person. Both figures are meant to be gender neutral or your own interpretation of the gender.

Visit Logo on Website Here

Practical Applications

View the logo here and on the organization's website.