Swish for Make-A-Wish Poster

An informational poster designed to inform spectators and recruit players for the annual Swish for Make-A-Wish charity basketball tournament. .

About the Project

Swish For Make-A-Wish is a charity basketball tournament benefiting the Make-A-Wish foundation run by the Ithaca College Public Relations Student Society of America (IC PRSSA). Each year the New York Finger Lakes Chapter of Make-A-Wish selects one "Wish Kid" beneficiary.

I started the work on this poster by creating the logo, as the logo was the main imagery of the event and all promotional materials.

Because it is a basketball tournament, I wanted the aesthetic to look sporty and fun with a lot of movement, which was accomplished through the italicized text and various curved or diagonal lines.

The logo is shaped like the back board of a basketball hoop. The basketball at the top affirms that it is a basketball tournament, and the symmetrical stars were included because a main component of the Make-A-Wish Foundation's branding is the star.

The logo employs a sans-serif blocky bold font reminiscient of sports teams in italicized letters to give movement. Additionally, everything in this logo has depth and shadows, from the slight text drop shadow, to the shadow on the basketball or star. The color scheme of the logo and poster is reminiscent of the blue and gold of IC PRSSA's color scheme.

All of the icons were done with Illustrator; the white color makes each element stand out from the navy blue background as well as the orange and yellow text. Lastly, the white triangle shape against the navy blue draws the eye down to the information. I put the date directly underneath the triangle point because that was the most important information in the bottom of the poster.

More Swish for Make-A-Wish Branding

Below is a collection of additional promotional material I’ve created for Ithaca College PRSSA’s annual Swish for Make-A-Wish charity basketball tournament, years 2015 and 2016.