United States Mission to NATO Infographics

The goal of this project was to turn generic, text-heavy reports into digestible and easy-to-read infographics for the U.S. NATO social media accounts' general audience.

About the Project

The objective of this project was to create infographics for U.S. Mission to NATO’s social media pages, using them as a tool to inform the public about NATO current events in a clear, concise, and visually interesting way.

This graphic focused on the army's prepositioned stock around Europe, utilizing numbers to convey information quickly.

I chose an analogous green color palette because I wanted it to relate to general army uniform colors. For this I utilized a lot of greens, browns, tans, and generally muted, earthy colors.

I chose a sans-serif font for the same readability reasons, capitalizing the country and city names to demonstrate hierachy.

Shown below this graphic are different infographics I designed regarding international meetings of NATO Foreign Ministers (Foreign Ministerial), general information about NATO, and some of NATO’s initiatives

More Nato Infographics

All graphics in this rotating slideshow were made with Adobe Illustrator and all illustrations are original.