Amazon Conservation Association Website

Designing, updating, and editing webpages on three organizational websites, as well as assisting in the migration of the main website to a new platform.

About the Project

At Amazon Conservation I managed and updated three organizational websites: the main website; their deforestation reports website, Monitoring of the Amazon Project (; and their birding ecotourism website, Amazon Journeys (

For their main website, I assisted in the migration, remediation, page designs, and layouts as the organization moved to a new platform. Pages and graphics I created included the events Page and associated webinars. Additionally, I wrote and updated key data points about the organization's work in the Amazon, including writing around 4 stories a month that I uploaded to their blog.

For the Monitoring of the Amazon Project ( I updated the logos and content as needed, as well as recommended changes that improved user experience, such as increased website speed.

For the Amazon Journeys website, usability improvements included adding a lightbox, scrolling, and captions to all of the eco-lodge pages to highlight the unique species of flora and fauna seen there.

For all three websites, I tracked website analytics and implemented usability changes to website as needed.

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