Amazon Conservation Social Media and E-Mail Graphics

The goal of these social media graphcis was to promote Amazon Conservation's work, solicit donations, and increase interest in the organization.

About the Project

At Amazon Conservation, I managed all of the organization's social media accounts and newsletter emails. This included their regular social media posts, event graphics, monthly e-newsletters, and e-mail donation campaigns.

For the social media posts, I managed Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns at the end of every year, which is when I created the graphic with the monkeys on the top left. Additionally, I would create graphics in English and Spanish for the sister organizations in Peru and Bolivia, seen in the Ɓguila Arpia graphic (bottom left) for World Animal Day.

The graphic at the bottom right was for International Day of Forests, which highlighted facts about the Amazon, and the top right advertised Amazon Conservation's event at the Peruvian Embassy. The phone is from a donation e-mail campaign during Giving Tuesday 2021.

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