Amazon Conservation Banners

The goal of this project was to create two large retractable that could be set up at events to promote the organization's focus areas and region of work.

About the Project

The objective of this project was to create two retractable banners for Amazon Conservation to use as display pieces for their event at the Peruvian embassy in 2022. These banners served as a marketing tool to promote the organization and their main focus areas and region of work. The left banner promotes their methods of conservation and the right on their focus landscapes.

Though the banners can stand individually, they were created to be displayed together. The original event they were created for was an event at the Peruvian embassy, where the speakers would stand at a podium in the center with the two banners on either side

Thus, the banners were designed with wave elements, proportions, and sizing that matched perfectly with one another. As you can see, the titles, text placement, size and color scheme are uniform so that both banners complement each other.

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