Asman and Budick Show Superbowl Logo

Designing a Superbowl logo for a local sports radio show that had the opportunity to broadcast from Texas at the Superbowl LI.

Logo backpack
About the Project

The Asman and Budick sports radio show had the opportunity to broadcast their show from Texas during the 2016 Superbowl, and needed a recognizable Superbowl logo that combined football with radio.

Because it was a radio show, to begin the design process I researched pictures of different microphones. I settled on a radio microphone, combining the microphone grill with the stitches on a football. The black and red comes from relating this logo's color scheme to the color scheme to the red and black of the official Superbowl LI logo.

The logo has undergone different color schemes since my original creation as the superbowl colors have since changed from that year, but still remains the same football/microphone combination logo as the original.

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Additional Images

See additional versions of the logo and other merchandise.