Cobblestone Court Condominium Complex

Designing and building a condominium complex's informational website.

About the Project

Cobblestone Court is a condominium complex for age 55+ residents. The client needed a website to showcase his building plans and eventually, available properties.

The client's main requests were a colored background, the ability to print every page, and have all the font a large-size, since the target audience was older people might find smaller text harder to read.

I also created the Cobblestone Court logo, edited all the images floor plan and front page images to uniformly fit the website and design, and redid the homepage renderings to make the front slider.

Additionally I helped the client set up his own web hosting and domain.

This website was built with WordPress, and I wrote a manual after finishing the website so the client would know how to make edits himself. This project was completed in 2018.