Essex Community Fund

Redesigning a nonprofit's former website to improve usability and admin management.

About the Project

In 2016, I completely redesigned Essex Community Fund's (ECF's) previous website made with Adobe Muse which improved both usability and admin management. ECF members didn’t know any HTML or CSS and were frustrated because they couldn't make any edits to the website themselves. Thus, I opted to create a website with WordPress.

Requested functionality that I incorporated included a sticky navbar with buttons "Donate to Paypal" and "Apply for a grant" buttons, and a search field.

I also wrote a user manual to accompany the website, so the clients knew how to edit it on their own. I met with the organization board every week until the website was ready to launch, in addition to taking photos for the site and managing their flagship fundraiser that summer.

See Website

Below are a slideshow of different screens of the Essex Community Fund website.

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